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California Wrights Christmas Letter 2011

Wrights, Berlacks and Ungers at Homewood Retreat

2011 Christmas Letter, California Wrights

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We have had another exciting year of exploration, family outings and accomplishment, and health issues. There is a polyp that has grown in my sinus, and neurological complications that have delayed much needed surgery still in progress at this writing.

Our year started with me and Judy on a 3 week trip to the Big Island to sight see and visit friends. We explored all the canyons, beaches and haunts developed over the years, with the addition of a walk on a moving lava flow and a two mile hike in a Lava tube. Next a desert-Benton trip with Judy and Kailen to Saline Valley for President’s day. The whole family reuned in Homewood for a ski vacation with Carolyn’s crew and mine.

After a break in Sonoma County, I met Judy in Las Vegas for a camping/visiting trip across the Colorado Plateau, taking in ruins, canyons, rocks, hikes out to Taos, and return via Canyonlands Maze district, Bryce and Zion.

Next, Judy joined me on a high water trip on the Carson River with Tom Donovan and crew. Then back to a brief visit with sister Cindy and Ronnie and off again to Kate Wolf Folk Music Festival with the popcorn crew. A visit to Benton followed, with the Saline crew at the hot springs and a potato gun shoot out.

Back to Sonoma County, I faced my overweight issue and concentrated on getting more fit and losing weight. I have lost 26 lbs now by counting calories and watching intake, and working out at the gym.

A fun family river trip on the American followed in August, then I headed off to Benton and Burning man. A new camp with friend Canyon, Earth Guardians and a field trip and lecture (250 people) led to a full experience there. Judy joined me in Benton afterwards for the Millpond Music festival, we visited old friends and played in the mountains.

Back in Forestville, I saw an ENT doc and set a surgery date, only to have it cancelled because of neurological complications. I have been here now since late September, sleeping fitfully and seeing doctors of all types, I expect to get the final word on surgery on the 21st December and be done with this issue early in the new year, this will be a relief.

Heather and crew are flourishing; she is a busy mom and in Law School now, and hobnobbing with the local lawyer set. Shasta and Jevria are active in soccer and are avid readers. Brian is working hard at his bookkeeping business and coaching soccer. Heather has supported me in my medical adventures and has been a great help.

Kailen and Zoe bought a cute house in San Jose, a picture postcard bungalow on the northwest side of town. Kyvi is growing fast, talking up a storm and playing with a great store of creative toys. Kailen is working hard at Google, and Zoe is in graduate school for speech therapy. I saw Kailen give a presentation on google programs at a local high school, he was great and personable. Tom Wrights daughter, Emily visited in the fall en route to look for a job in California.

All our love to you for the new year


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