Saturday, April 4, 2009

why you wear helmets in mine adits.

hadda mishap yesterday, i was exploring an adit (horizontal mine tunnel) up in the hills looking for an anticline. i found it, but in my excitement, tripped on some rough rocks and did a headfirst dive into razor sharp rocks, punctured my left palm and gotta 4" scalp wound which bled like a stuck pig (no similarity intended)/ luckily i was in good hands with by friend paul, ex cop, and well trained in 1st aid. he drove me to his place on 20 acres off the grid and cleaned up and surveyed the damage. he wanted todrive me to the hospital in bishop (3/4 hr away), but i rested awhile and convinced him i had to go to benton to get my wallet with med cards and my meds list before i went to any hospital.

I checked in with the fire chief, an emt, but he was still at work, and his wife clucked and moaned over me, but also suggested i go to terry and jerrys, shes a nurse. they are friends so i found jerry the ex bronc rider awaiting the immanent return of his wife terry, who is a nurse. She patched me up with some steristrips after cleaning the wounds and giving me more of a haircut than i needed. after agreeing to call after resting for an hour, so i did, and slept most of the evening, finished my book, christopher moores new one "fool" a hysterical takeoff on King Lear from the fools point of view and rested soundly. now contemplating dawn and skiing or resting. hmmmm. either is an option.

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